Ze … The New ME or just another Ms.

For much of my life, nothing could match the comfort I felt when I said The OUR FATHER prayer.




Until recently, i unreservedly felt I truly knew my earthly father loved me. Not now!

is this is how it sounded from Jesus’s lips 2,000 years ago? An English translation was given that barely resembled The Lord’s Prayer we know today.


Ze is the scrabble strategists ally. Yet , not only that.

The gender -less prefix could

YET CONSTANTLY reminded of the limited life I am living/ and that i am to degenerate ever more .. I am never the most TOTALLY DEFEATED, .. I who must shoulder the inadequacy, inefficiency of a system, is bombarded with those who feel the nothing ness , able yet more wretched than I.

I feel love for those who care, they are rare gems.

Fortunately, at this late stage I have two.

I am grateful

Published by Jules

Person with Parkinsons I am. I paint, I write, I live the best life I can.

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