Letter to Julia Gillard


Good morning,
I am a 60 year old, 15 year veteran survivor of PTSD with a background of Parkinson’s Disease. 

I did battle with the Public Trustee, and lost relationships of those who thought I was suffering mental illness when I described my treatment.

I thought the NDIS would not succumb to the money grab that always comes when the vulnerable are open to exploitation. 

I am called a participant yet I have not been invited nor Notified of 3 most recent reviews where my funding has been not just halved but cut by three quarters, without warning.

I have been bullied by Agencies that are set up to provide SIL SUPPORTED INDEPENDENT LIVING but instead employ non English speaking backpackers (who are paid a meagre percentage of total hourly rates charged for care) .

I choose to live in my own home but I will no longer have the funding to employ staff on a 1:1 basis . Certainly not the 24/7 care I have received up to now.

I know There will be a time when my lack of funding will force me to live in what Support Workers , disparagingly call ‘houses’ … as they are certainly not a home .

While my primary support worker has been on a month leave , the SIL accommodation which provided short term respite for me , placed me in a 3rd floor unit, support workers had lift fobs and unit keys, we , the PAYING PARTICIPANT S did not.

I clearly remember the emotional day Julia proudly announced her wonderful NFIS plan. 

A dream ,fast turning into a very similar to 
Public Trustee nightmare.

… and whilst on this horse metaphor… As a participant in the NDIS, I respectfully would ask (if given the courtesy to contribute to a discussion ABOUT MY LIFE) … Is the NDIS conducting a marathon or a horse race.

Whatever it is I feel I am being flogged. 

REGARDS “not dead yet ) 

Julie Bury 

Published by Jules

Person with Parkinsons I am. I paint, I write, I live the best life I can.

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