Monique unfolded the midnight blue Basildon Bond letter. The cursive calligraphy, in silver ink, from her mother’s warm, gracious hands. She had been instructed to read the letter to the friends, family and acquaintances who were here for her mother’s funeral. Between each page a beautiful watercolour, each with her mother’s nom deplume, the scorpion.Continue reading “Scorpion”

Waiting for God

Doreen  My door ajar, a straight-backed woman’s shadow steps into the still, musky darkness of my bedroom. Though the room is where I sleep, it is not my home. It is called an Aged care facility. I have become one of those waiting for God. Recently, though, I am doing more seeking than waiting. TheContinue reading “Waiting for God”

The Scream

I feel the inevitable 3rd hourly, slow creep of invasion, witchy pain fingers beckoning . The cackling I imagine calling me back for punishment. My proud, strong , capable body shutting down. Grinding to a near halt. Vertebra shouting revolt at the familiarity that will dictate the level of discomfort or what the common, non discomfort enduring soul would call .. agony.

Dear daughter

dear darling daughter …you have decided that I your mum, would not be invited to your wedding nor be told it was to occur… I love you .

Let’s get the cliches out of the way …

They say… have you tried cannabis… I say ‘NO I HAVEN’T. Though .. Of course I have … IF I am to face, a dragon, a fierce , me eating DRAGON, as I do every three hours … I WANT TO BE FULLY ME…. WITH PD

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